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I Have Some Parts for Sale

FOR SALE OR TRADE: Mustang SVO / 2.3L Turbo parts: 

Exhaust Manifold (not cracked) Part E3ZZ-9430-A -- E6- Engineering #,
Excellent Condition only 500 miles on it. Fits all Turbo.

1987-88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe Automatic EEC-IV -- low miles

1987-88 T-Bird Turbo Coupe Throttle Body -- fits SVO -- low miles

1984-86 SVO Vane Air Meter -- fits all Turbo -- low miles

SVO Fog Light Switch Replacements (Brand New) -- exact, but plain black
bezel -- use your old bezel if desired. Some Applications:
	84-85 SVO Radio Power Boost Switch E4FZ-18B853A
	84-85 SVO Fuel Switch E4ZZ-18B853A
	84-85 SVO Fog Light Switch E4ZZ-14K032A
	84-88 T-Bird Preheater Control Fuel Switch E3SZ-18B853A	
	83-84 T-Bird Radio Power Boost Switch E3SZ-15A214A
	84 Escort Radio Power Boost Switch

Fan Control Module wiring harness repair kit (new). All cars using 8 or 10
pin connector.

Aluminum Front Bumper for Mustang/Mustang SVO

SVO Rear rotors -- turn & install

Other items -- have to clean the garage! 

Details on request. Prices Negotiable / Will Consider Trade for Cool SVO
Stuff such as Literature or:

Intake Manifold set for '86 SVO (both upper and lower, excellent condition

Rebuildable Cylinder Head (tank-checked/crack-free) from any 1984-88 2.3L
4-cylinder or same as 85.5-86 SVO

36# Fuel Injectors (brown tops) such as in later model Turbo Coupes or SVOs. 


Jim Dvorak
'86 Shadow Blue
Mustang SVO...Because there's more to driving than just straight ahead!

Publisher/Editor, THE SVO CHRONICLES
Journal of the Mustang SVO Owners Association of Southern
California/Southwest Region

Mailing Address:
      Mustang SVO Owners Association
      7400 Center Avenue, Suite 109
      Huntington Beach, CA 92647-3039

            E-mail: jim@mustangsvo.org / jdvorak@deltanet.com
            Phone: 714-891-9835
            Fax: 714-891-6715

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