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Re: Street Legal Drags

Chris Roth wrote:

> I talked to my parents last night and they are going to come up to the
> track on Saturday.  They are also going to bring a grill to do our own
> cooking.  Do you and your wife like hamburgers/cheeseburgers? If not what
> do you want to us to bring for you guys.  I guess I should come right out
> and say it this time, you and your wife are invited to eat with us up at
> the track to avoid paying  $5 for a burger.  Let me know if there are
> others that want to eat with us.

That sounds like a lot of fun.  We both do burgers, no problem.
Do you want us to bring any meat or chips or anything?  Other
than you, the only other people that might be hanging around with m
would be two guys from Laramie.  I wouldn't do a single thing for
them if I were you, because odds are that they'll bail at the
last minute anyway.  If you happen to have a little extra, and they
are there, bonus for them...

This is sounding more fun all the time.  See you there...