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I know of people with over 100 New Old Stock SVO hoods in their possesion.

So Tim's off the hook for hoarding. :)

People say the same thing about Rapido.  But if you call Russ, he has the
part on the shelf.  Pay the man.  He's in business.

If you want to give, trade, or whore yourself out, I don't care.  But leave
the other guy to his way of living.

A fellow once posted a list of Merkur XR4ti NEW floor mats all over the
country, at various dealerships.  I immediately called and BOUGHT THEM ALL.
 I then posted to the Merkur list that they were "gone :)".  The fellow who
originally posted mailed me and he was a little miffed, but not rude.  I
then explained that I had 5 XRs.  That put an end to it.

Let's put an end to this.  Sometimes, everybody *doesn't* need to hear your
I originally started this thread, cuz I got sick of getting emails about
Tim, whining about the price.
I'm glad I did that.  It's all out in the open.  

But now;

We've heard Tim's background.  Experienced and shrewd.  Good for him.
We've heard everybody else bitchin, about whatever.
If it wasn't selling for those prices, we could negotiate. BUT, the parts
are selling.

Thru contacts, I have determined that there are about TWICE our numbers who
aren't on here, that are active in SVO activities.  So, just because there
are 102 of us, doesn't make us the authority on what parts are worth.

We are LOSING members who are sick of the whining.  Some of them are VERY
VALUABLE to us.  You usually don't know when they contribute either, cuz it
comes thru me.

So act like adults.  I'm embarrassed for us....