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Re: OK Boys, that's ENOUGH

Brian Guild wrote:
> <snip>
> Carl, do you think that Tim deserves a profit for going to the
> trouble of obtaining these parts for us?  


> If you feel he is hoarding parts, or if his business practices
> are sketchy, then do not do business with him.  

That's two totally separate things, though.  I have no problem with
his business practices, but I can sympathize with those who would
prefer that our hobby be more about helping each other out, and
less about supply and demand and making a buck.

> But, it is not right that
> people are slamming his character because he is doing what so many other
> businesses do *to succeed*.

I don't think anyone slammed his character...just how quickly he
snapped up some available parts others might have had an eye on.
Nothing wrong with that, it just goes against some people's
philosophy on hot-rodding...some people see this as a friendly
hobby, others obviously see business oportunities ;-).

> This has little to do with *selling parts to
> friends*.

For some people it does...

> It's anyones right to not do business with Tim, but, no one has a right to
> slam his character, because they think he is conducting business
> improperly, because he is not.

Agreed.  There are just some philosophical differences among the group
that will probably always cause some tensions.  I just wanted to
acknowledge that both ways of looking at things are valid depending
on your perspective...

I'm done.  Sorry for the bandwidth waste and any offense...