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Re: OK Boys, that's ENOUGH

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> > If you feel he is hoarding parts, or if his business practices
> > are sketchy, then do not do business with him.  
> That's two totally separate things, though.  I have no problem with
> his business practices, but I can sympathize with those who would
> prefer that our hobby be more about helping each other out, and
> less about supply and demand and making a buck.
Thats my basic stand rite there.  I look at 2.3's as a hobby.  Common ppl
in a small hobby helping ppl out.  It always peeves me to see somebody
thats one of the group try to turn around and make a small fortune on the
group, especially when its done by takin info given to us, then hurrying
up and getting the whole lot, so that later it can be turned around and
sold to us for even higher.
its kinda like this.  Say there are 3 friends.  One needs somehting. One
sees it at a pawn shop or somehting.  the one that sees it tells both of
them that the part is down there.  Knowing the item is being sold at a low
price, the guy who didn't see it or need it hops in his car and hauls his
ass to the pawn shop and buys the itemfor say 30 bux.  Comes back and
tells his friend, "hey, I got that thing so and so was talkin about..wanna
buy it for 50 bux? You know its worth atleast 70."

> > But, it is not right that
> > people are slamming his character because he is doing what so many other
> > businesses do *to succeed*.
> I don't think anyone slammed his character...just how quickly he
> snapped up some available parts others might have had an eye on.
> Nothing wrong with that, it just goes against some people's
> philosophy on hot-rodding...some people see this as a friendly
> hobby, others obviously see business oportunities ;-).
yep.  Thing that really gets me is how he says " I dont have a job, blah
blah blah". Let me get out a voilin and play ya a sad song.  You do have a
job now, sellin SVO parts. 

Jus a little note on supply and demand. I was talkin to Joe las nite
about how we have hurricanes in Florida often enuff.  Every time we have
one, we know a few days ahead of time its coming, so we can get prepared.
Home Depot always tries to jack the shit out of the price of plywood, and
gets heat for price gouging.  But at the same time, ppl will buy it cuz
they need it. Does that make it rite?  Does it make it rite when gas tax
goes up 2 cents a gallon and the price of gas jumps a nickel jus cuz we
will still buy gas?

O well, who gives a crap anyways.  Maybe i am jus too nice.  I have a hard
time selling something for 100 dollars that I only paid 10 dollars for to
someone I am aquianted with.

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