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Re: OK Boys, that's ENOUGH

On Thu, 18 Sep 1997, Carl Morris wrote:

> Brian Guild wrote:
> > I know Tim. <snip> he is doing a service for all of
> > you lame asses out there who are too lazy to go to the junkyard yourselves.
> >  Then you sit there and complain about how you think he is charging too
> > much.
> Well, I defended Tim, but since this appears to be a slam on Scott, I
> gotta step in here, too.  Say what you want about Scott's share-and
> share-alike philosophy, but don't use the word lazy about him.  I don't
> know anyone who spends more time scrounging for hard-to-find parts, and
> helping out anyone who's in need of them. 

Awww, Carl, I am touched:) heheh.  The reason I have the attitude I do on
SVO stuff is this.  I feel if I help someone out they will help me out
sooner or later.  And maybe not even in the way of car stuff. Do unto
others and all that.

 I think he's earned the right
> to "sit there and complain" about people who may be hoarding parts that
> we're all going to need eventually, whether you agree with him or not.
> I'm still not sure how I feel about the whole thing...but I can't
> really complain because I AM one of the people who are too lazy to
> spend a lot of time at junkyards and swap meets.
Ok, after reading that I think I jus came down to the differences in
philosophy here.  I am kinda like the old guy that fixes cars in a little
garage.  I tell my customers "u need this and that" and fix what needs
fixed, nothing extra, charge u for may labor and maybe a few dollars of
anything extra on parts.
Then there is the Sears Auto Center down the street(Tim).  people take
their cars to sears, and the labor is alot higher, fix anything they can
on the car, and charge over double what it costs them for parts(from the
same store, Napa).  basically just running up the bill.  
Now to the average person, they really dont know the difference. jus like
to the person that doesnt wanna look for a part doesn't care what they pay
for it.  But To me in my little shop, I sit there and say to myself, and
other ppl that understand whats goin on, "Look at those f*ckers at Sears.
Milkin those ppl for all they can."
But hey, alls fair rite?
We jus have a diffrent philosophy on what 2.3's and their owners mean to
us and how we should treat/look at them.  I look at other 2.3 ppl as a
fellow hobbiest and all that. Some look at their fellow 2.3 owners as a
customer base that will pay XXX amount for a part if they need it bad
To each his own....What comes around goes around and all that

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->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
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