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Re: SVOs for sale

>1986 FORD MUSTANG SVO, collector's item, 83000 MILES, only 10000
>on rebuilt motor and turbo, black/grey, new: paint, exhaust and tires. 
>CAR in original, factory condition asking $7600 (610)539-5321 

        Hi Everyone,
  In response to this particular ad that John relayed to us (Thanks John), I
thought I would ad to it.  This car belongs to a friend of mine.  I was
about to call him to get exact info so I could post it myself.  Well, if
anyone is interested, this car is SWEET.  It is a black beauty.  The only
mods I am aware of, are a custom exhaust, 8.8" w/3.73's, rebuilt motor, mild
upgrade turbo, and higher boost.  He does not beat on it, but does
occasionally race on street tires (no slick launches).  I raced it in my
other friends `84 TC that had 4.10's, 18psi, FMS clutch, K&N and a shifter,
and he dogged me.  If anyone wants more info on this car, they can contact
me by E-mail to save the phone bill.