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Re: 3" Exhaust

I sent this to Dennis but forgot the rest of the list.


> Dennis,
> I have 3" exhaust on my early 85 SVO.  We put the 3" downpipe on the 
> car and then a 3" highflow cat and 3" Flowmaster.  I had the exhaust 
> guy put the 3" all the way back to the rear bumper.  He went over the 
> axle with 3" so do not let anyone tell you that it can Not  be done.  
> It was expensive at $800.00 but it sure gave me power.  I have run a 
> 15.5@93mph on street tires up here in Colorado (5800ft).  I also had 
> a K&N filter on the car and TC Intercooler.  With traction, the car 
> is good for a 14.9.
> If you want to switch over to the 86 dual exhaust you will have to 
> relocate the external fuel pump and buy muffler hangers to hang the 
> exhaust.
> I will let the rest of the list give you info on the differences in 
> the years but if you get no responses let me know and I will send you 
> all the differences. The main differences are exhaust and better cam 
> with bigger injectors.
> > I have an 84 SVO. Can I install a 3" down pipe? and then continue to
> > install 3" exhaust on the rest of the car? Also, does anyone know the
> > differences between the 84(175HP) and 85.5 (205HP)?
Chris Roth
85 Bright Red SVO
86 Silver Metallic SVO