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Re: 3" Exhaust

At 11:53 AM 9/18/97 -0700, Sly, Dennis wrote:
>I have an 84 SVO. Can I install a 3" down pipe? and then continue to
>install 3" exhaust on the rest of the car? Also, does anyone know the
>differences between the 84(175HP) and 85.5 (205HP)?

I have a full 3" system on my 84 SVO including downpipe and cat. I had the
system made locally except for the downpipe which is available from a
number of vendors (I can't remember where I got mine from).

The differences between 84 and 85.5 SVO's that I can think of are:

Revised calibration air flow sensor.
Lower a/r turbo in 85.5
Addition of water cooling to turbo
Revised intake manifold
Different cam
Improved exhaust manifold.
Dual exhaust
Revised calibration ECU
Injectors increased from 28 lb/hr to 35 lb/hr.
(There does not seem to be a consensus as to the flow rate of the 85.5+
injectors, the brown ones. I've heard values from 32 lb/hr up to 36 lb/hr,
suffice to say, they are larger!)

Ok, everybody, what did I miss?

James Lawler james@ccnsinfo.com

84 Mustang SVO E/SP
90 Eagle Talon AWD E/SP (Rain car)