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Re: 3" Exhaust

 Yes, you can install a 3" exhaust from the downpipe all the way back to
the tip.You can also get 3" high flow catalytic converters to go with it,
after all we also must breathe the air from your tailpipe.Please consider
this as I see it every day,  people not operating their vehicles with
catalytic converters, and this is in California.You don't loose enough
horsepower by being legal to worry about, but pollution is something we
should all worry about.Sorry, I will get off of the soap box now.

P.S. My 86 has this system with catalytic and I have had no problems.This
system was previously installed on my early 85 car.
 08:30 PM 9/18/97 -0400, Dave Compton wrote:
>Now that we're done whining, how about answering Dennis questions, for the
>archives :)
>News about archives to follow soon!
>*********** REPLY PARTITION ***********
>On 9/18/97, at 2:53 PM, Sly, Dennis wrote: 
>>I have an 84 SVO. Can I install a 3" down pipe? and then continue to
>>install 3" exhaust on the rest of the car? Also, does anyone know the
>>differences between the 84(175HP) and 85.5 (205HP)?
>>Dennis Sly.
>>84 SVO, Silver