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Re: SVOs for sale

 I found my first 85.5 that way, the dealer advertised it as an 85 and had
NO clue.I still own that car.

At 03:12 PM 9/18/97 +0000, Chris Roth wrote:
>Hello everyone,
>> 1986 FORD MUSTANG SVO, w/turbo, new tires, clean, 1st $2000
>> (513)771-4756 WYOMING
>Anyone interested in this car, I am going up to Wyoming to look at it
>and will take pictures if necessary for those who are interested.
>There is also a 85 here in Ft. Collins Colorado that some college kid
>wants $4800.  I have not seen the car the owner said it is the
>original Charcoal Metallic paint.
>How many of those 85 SVO do you think are 85.5??
>Chris Roth
>85 Bright Red SVO
>86 Silver Metallic SVO