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Dead Car

 Hi everyone,
This one is kinda weird (I think?) Last Friday my girlfriend moved my car to
get hers out of the driveway.
Long story short she stalled it... Then she said it wouldn't start. So I
went out to check it out and nothing,
I mean NOTHING the car was dead! The headlights, nothing it was like the
battery was disconnected.
I tried everything and the only thing I heard was the EEC clicking. BTW its
a 83 GT turbo with a 88 TC motor.
the puter is under the pass seat. Still 83 puter and wiring etc...  Anyway I
disconnected the battery to check for
a short  or ???? I found nothing reconnected the battery and "PRESTO" runs
like a champ. Did the EEC just
need a reset? It has run perfect since, in every sense. I'm curious anyone
have a clue? I'm afraid it my reoccur
at the worst time.... (farthest point from house) hahahah