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upgrades to my car

OK, I'm asking for opinions/facts here. I'll listen to anybody.  Don't feel
like you have to have facts or proof.  I'm trying to get a different
perspective, so anything will help.

The differences between early and late SVOs basically are;
more fuel
smaller snail on the turbo to spool it up quicker.

My intentions regarding upgrading my SVO are to keep as much of the "bad"
stuff, while upgrading what's really needed, until I hit a brick wall with
a given component.  There's an underdog element here, plus I'm just not
convinced that ALL of the upgraded stuff is necessary.  So, I'm in search
of what the real bottleneck is, in the early cars.

Here's what's been done to my car that changes it appreciably from stock;
Engle cam-big difference on an early car.  Very nice
K&N RU 2930 right on the VAF elbow
Ported new exhaust manifold
Very slightly ported lower intake manifold
Turbo Coupe intercooler
More boost, now. Just barely hits the buzzer, for a second, in first gear. 
The buzzer is at 17.5 psi.
Flowmaster muffler in the stock pipes, all of em. Single exhaust. Stock DP
and cat.
later model tranny with a NUMERICALLY lower 1st gear, Carl :)
4.11s in the 8.8 in rear.
Aluminum driveshaft

I have a Merkur XR head on it now, cuz mine cracked.  This should give no
performance increase, but will allow me to install the later intake
manifold.  I have the later intake, injectors, and turbo.

Here's the questions;
What's the current bottleneck?

Is the .48 turbo going to make the car that much faster?
Is a 3" exhaust gonna make the car that much faster?

It's not lean now, no matter what.  So, ergo, it ain't flowing enough to
run out of fuel.  So that sure sounds like exhaust would help greatly.

At the drag strip, the late model SVOs spool the turbo MUCH quicker.

My car has run a best of 14.95 at 90.3 MPH.

I'll be at Capitol tonite, in case you wanna come out.  Ken's gonna loan me
slicks, so we'll see what it will CONSISTENTLY run, tonite!

TNKS for indulging my questions