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Re: 85 1/2 SVO

 Their are several key points to verify.The vehicle should have a
production between June and July 85 if I remember correctly.It should be
ecquipped with the later engine strategy including updated intake manifold
and injectors.From the exterior you should have a dual exhaust system from
the y-pipe back and the flush headlights you mentioned.I will look at the
serial numbers on the ones I have and let you know production dates next
week.I am going to Las Vegas this weekend with the company for the race.
At 08:27 AM 9/19/97 -0400, Parker7603@aol.com wrote:
>How do you confirm that a SVO is indeed a '85 1/2 model, aside from the
>headlamp differences?  Does anyone have the information as to what VIN number
>and up are true '85 1/2's ?
>Dwayne Parker
>Red '86 SV0