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RE: upgrades to my car

The obvious cheap way is about a 50HP nitrous kit. I wouldn't go any
bigger in these cars.
The better way is to add a header. There is one available from Applied
Technology and Research(ATR, 1-864-972-3800). 
Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver

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>Subject:	upgrades to my car
>OK, I'm asking for opinions/facts here. I'll listen to anybody.  Don't feel
>like you have to have facts or proof.  I'm trying to get a different
>perspective, so anything will help.
>The differences between early and late SVOs basically are;
>more fuel
>smaller snail on the turbo to spool it up quicker.
>My intentions regarding upgrading my SVO are to keep as much of the "bad"
>stuff, while upgrading what's really needed, until I hit a brick wall with
>a given component.  There's an underdog element here, plus I'm just not
>convinced that ALL of the upgraded stuff is necessary.  So, I'm in search
>of what the real bottleneck is, in the early cars.
>Here's what's been done to my car that changes it appreciably from stock;
>Engle cam-big difference on an early car.  Very nice
>K&N RU 2930 right on the VAF elbow
>Ported new exhaust manifold
>Very slightly ported lower intake manifold
>Turbo Coupe intercooler
>More boost, now. Just barely hits the buzzer, for a second, in first gear. 
>The buzzer is at 17.5 psi.
>Flowmaster muffler in the stock pipes, all of em. Single exhaust. Stock DP
>and cat.
>later model tranny with a NUMERICALLY lower 1st gear, Carl :)
>4.11s in the 8.8 in rear.
>Aluminum driveshaft
>I have a Merkur XR head on it now, cuz mine cracked.  This should give no
>performance increase, but will allow me to install the later intake
>manifold.  I have the later intake, injectors, and turbo.
>Here's the questions;
>What's the current bottleneck?
>Is the .48 turbo going to make the car that much faster?
>Is a 3" exhaust gonna make the car that much faster?
>It's not lean now, no matter what.  So, ergo, it ain't flowing enough to
>run out of fuel.  So that sure sounds like exhaust would help greatly.
>At the drag strip, the late model SVOs spool the turbo MUCH quicker.
>My car has run a best of 14.95 at 90.3 MPH.
>I'll be at Capitol tonite, in case you wanna come out.  Ken's gonna loan me
>slicks, so we'll see what it will CONSISTENTLY run, tonite!
>TNKS for indulging my questions