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RE: Upgrades to my car

I knew I had read about this somewhere.( I have stacks of paper
archives). I think this may apply to your problem. Hope this helps.
NOTE: It's great to see everyone talking TECH

Question: I have a 1986 SVO that is pretty much stock and runs 14.80's
in the quarter mile, but I would like to make it about
a second faster. I already have installed a conical filter, a 3"
downpipe with a Walker Dynomax 2-1/4" cat-back exhaust system,
and a complete MSD ignition (6al and blaster 3 coil). I am considering
the installation of a nitrous oxide system on the car, or a
stainless steel header. Which should I do? If not one of these
modifications, can you suggest another? I am really tired of just
barely losing to mildly-modified 5.0 Mustangs. Please help me! --
C.R.S., Metamora, Ill., '86 SVO

Answer: I would go with the header first. Applied Technologies and
Research (ATR, 1-864-972-3800) makes one of the
stainless steel headers out there. You can order it with or without the
exhaust gas recirculation fitting (I recommend with the
E.G.R. to retain your smog controls system). If you are going to add a
nitrous system (which is actually an inexpensive form of
intercooling) I would not recommend more than a 50HP kit.

With the header, you install it and never have to refill it (nor do you
incur any future costs). Besides, it gives you additional
horsepower with (or without) the nitrous if you should add the nitrous

I have personally not tried the header from ATR, but I have researched
it and I hope to get one soon. ATR claims at least a 22
horsepower increase for the header itself, and even more for their
complete T-304 stainless steel downtube which replaces the
stock (and often troublesome) exhaust elbow, as well as a complete
stainless dual 2.5" exhaust system with their own stainless

Good Luck with the 5.0's. And KICK SOME V-8 BUTT! -- The "SVO Guru"

Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver