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Re: upgrades to my car

Dave Compton wrote:
> OK, I'm asking for opinions/facts here.

> Here's what's been done to my car that changes it appreciably from stock;

> Flowmaster muffler in the stock pipes, all of em. Single exhaust. Stock DP
> and cat.

> Here's the questions;
> What's the current bottleneck?

I say the cat...

> Is the .48 turbo going to make the car that much faster?

I don't know.  There'll come a point when you're flowing enough air
that it'll be slower than a .63 turbo, because it'll create more
backpressure before the turbo.  I'd stick with the stock early one,
...as a matter of fact, I have ;-).  I'm coming from a drag racing
perspective, though.  For all around street performance, I bet going
to the late model turbo would be worth it.

> Is a 3" exhaust gonna make the car that much faster?

Compared to your stock exhaust, I'd bet money it will.

> It's not lean now, no matter what.  So, ergo, it ain't flowing enough to
> run out of fuel.  So that sure sounds like exhaust would help greatly.
> At the drag strip, the late model SVOs spool the turbo MUCH quicker.
> My car has run a best of 14.95 at 90.3 MPH.

You must have pretty good traction.  I had to get up into the 92s
before I could break into the 14s.  What was your 60' time on that