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Re: Upgrades to my car

Sly, Dennis wrote:

> C.R.S. wrote:
> >Question: I have a 1986 SVO that is pretty much stock and runs 14.80's
> >in the quarter mile, but I would like to make it about
> >a second faster. I already have installed a conical filter, a 3"
> >downpipe with a Walker Dynomax 2-1/4" cat-back exhaust system,
> >and a complete MSD ignition (6al and blaster 3 coil). I am considering
> >the installation of a nitrous oxide system on the car, or a
> >stainless steel header. Which should I do? If not one of these
> >modifications, can you suggest another? I am really tired of just
> >barely losing to mildly-modified 5.0 Mustangs. Please help me! --
> >C.R.S., Metamora, Ill., '86 SVO
> Answer: I would go with the header first.
> <snip>
> Good Luck with the 5.0's. And KICK SOME V-8 BUTT! -- The "SVO Guru"

I would turn up the boost if he hasn't done so already, put in the
Engle cam, and buy some sticky tires.  Driven well, that should put
him in the high 13s with a minimum of hassle.

Carl_Morris@StorTek.Com  "Not in any way a guru"