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RE: upgrades to my car

I had thought that Dave had already upgraded his exhaust to 3". 
Sorry Carl.
Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver

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>Sly, Dennis wrote:
>> The obvious cheap way is about a 50HP nitrous kit. I wouldn't go any
>> bigger in these cars.
>> The better way is to add a header. There is one available from Applied
>> Technology and Research(ATR, 1-864-972-3800).
>Do you have one of these?  If so, do you have any "before" and "after"
>numbers on it?  I'm just curious because it seems like a lot of money
>for something that might not be much better than a ported stock
>manifold at the power levels most of us are making.  Also, I assume
>you'd advise Dave to upgrade his exhaust BEFORE spending the money
>on this?  Also, does anyone know if the header interferes much with
>spark plug access, or the wires?