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Re: upgrades to my car

Dave Compton wrote:
> > You must have pretty good traction.  I had to get up into the 92s
> > before I could break into the 14s.  What was your 60' time on that
> > run?
> That was with the "wingin' it" launch technique, riding the clutch out of
> the hole.
> I have no traction.  The ass end of the car wiggles around at full boost in
> 4th at 60 MPH. :)
> a 2.16 I think.
> Tonite will tell....

A 2.16 is pretty good for street tires.  Are you sure that traction
is the reason for your wiggling? ;-)

I know the 5.0 guys can get below 2.0 on street tires, but they're
not dealing with the bog factor like we are...I don't think
Chris ever got below 2.1 on his drag tires last week.

You've actually got me excited to come to work Monday, just to hear
your report!