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Re: New Drag tires

> going to make a Drag Radial this fall.  Nitto  seems like a new tire
> company to me but they sure are running a lot of ads in the Mustang

I was shopping for stickies last night, and found the size thing you're
talking about Chris. 

I did find 22 x 8 x 15s though.  WOO, that should help those people without

lotsa money......so no go...

On another note, I bought a pair of Nitto HPs in 235-60/15 in 1986 for my
82 Turbo Capri.  Then they went on my 87 GT, then they went on my Lincoln. 
They were cheap then at $66 each.  Remember tires for Mustangs then were
EXPENSIVE.  I still have these tires, and they have at least half of their
tread left.  Ask Tim about my Lincoln's burnouts and you can see that this
is astonishingly long wear behaviour.  I wouldn't want to autocross on em,
but damn they've lasted a long time....