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RE: upgrades to my car

what do you mean bog factor? do you mean the turbo not spooling up quick
enough. If so, I was reading the other day a theory about moving the
catalitic convert closer on a 21/2" to 3" exhaust to create more back
pressure. What do you think?
Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver

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>Dave Compton wrote:
>> > You must have pretty good traction.  I had to get up into the 92s
>> > before I could break into the 14s.  What was your 60' time on that
>> > run?
>> That was with the "wingin' it" launch technique, riding the clutch out of
>> the hole.
>> I have no traction.  The ass end of the car wiggles around at full boost in
>> 4th at 60 MPH. :)
>> a 2.16 I think.
>> Tonite will tell....
>A 2.16 is pretty good for street tires.  Are you sure that traction
>is the reason for your wiggling? ;-)
>I know the 5.0 guys can get below 2.0 on street tires, but they're
>not dealing with the bog factor like we are...I don't think
>Chris ever got below 2.1 on his drag tires last week.
>You've actually got me excited to come to work Monday, just to hear
>your report!