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Re: New Drag tires

Chris Roth wrote:

> I was reading the latest Super Ford last night and stumbled onto the latest
> news section (or something like that) and found out that Nitto Tire is
> going to make a Drag Radial this fall.  Nitto  seems like a new tire
> company to me but they sure are running a lot of ads in the Mustang Magazines.

Nitto's been around for a while, but I always thought they were aimed
more at the very low profile/low performance lowrider market (that's a
lot of "low"s ;-)).  I lurk on the DSM (Diamond Star Motors -- Eclipse/
Talon/Laser) list to pick up what I can turbo-wise, and they've been
talking some about the new Nitto Drag Radial, too.

> The interesting thing was the sizes of tires offered in drag form.
> 225/50R16 and there was a low profile in the 17" size too.  This is exactly
> what some of us are looking for.  Currently we are limited to taller tires
> that kill our much needed gearing, i.e. Sportsman Pro, BFG Drag Radial.
> This 16" tire they are offering could be the solution to our traction
> problems without loosing so much gear from the tall tire. Plus we can mount
> them on our stock wheels for that stock look.

Chris teases me about my love for the stock look, but I can't help it.
I fell in love with the look of a stock SVO the first time I saw one,
and I haven't seen a cosmetic mod that I preferred to stock yet.

Also, I was really into street racing a couple of years ago, and I
love it when people think you're slow...

I'm still thinking that an autocross R1 might be a good solution, too.
Just for everyone's information, I picked a guy's brain who ran R1s
before drag radials were available, and he was able to get consistent
1.9 60' times on them with no burnout with his 5.0.  He was also able
to get his street tires into the 1.9s, but they required a lot of
heating and were very inconsistent (sound familiar?).

His advice was to try used take-off Toyo RA-1s from DeMoore Racing,
they sell them for about $20 each, and he got consistent high 1.9s
out of them.  DeMoore is in Georgia, and their number is (770)514-7043.
Supply is sporadic...