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Re: New Drag tires

On Sep 19,  9:06, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: New Drag tires
> Hey all of you drag racing SVOers (Carl, that is you),
> I was reading the latest Super Ford last night and stumbled onto the latest
> news section (or something like that) and found out that Nitto Tire is
> going to make a Drag Radial this fall.
> The interesting thing was the sizes of tires offered in drag form.
> 225/50R16 and there was a low profile in the 17" size too.  This is exactly
> what some of us are looking for.  Currently we are limited to taller tires
> that kill our much needed gearing, i.e. Sportsman Pro, BFG Drag Radial.

I'm not sure how appropriate they are for drag, but I can vouch for the
straight line and lateral traction of the BFG R1 road race/autocross tire. The
245/45-16 R1 will fit the SVO's 16 X 7 wheel and is only 24.5" diameter, or
about 0.3" smaller then the stock 225/50 street tire. $135 each from BFG. If
you're not turning corners, you only need two...

BFG will also have some new 17" R1 sizes for 1998,


These sizes will all be made in the same mold using spacers to produce the
different widths.  This means that the OD for all of these sizes will be the
same, about 24.7".

I didn't ask BFG about new sizes of drag radials. I'm a team T/A member, if
there's enough interest, I'll ask.

Gary Morrell