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RE: Upgrades to my car ATR exhaust

This was a question and answer thing that I found on the net. I think it
was from www.mustangsvo.org/svotech.htm. I thought it might help out
Dave with his problem. Because I believe as you do he is experiencing a
flow problem.
Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver

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>Sent:	Friday, September 19, 1997 11:46 AM
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>Subject:	RE: Upgrades to my car  ATR exhaust
>This sounds like a question of flow.
>>I am considering
>>the installation of a nitrous oxide system on the car, or a
>>stainless steel header. Which should I do? 
>NOS is definately a cheap power adder but you always have to fill the goofy
>blue bottle plus NOS is a "not all of the time" power adder.
>The ATR header looks cool but $600 for "up to" 22hp, ouch.  I have been
>talking to ATR for several months and found out some of their testing info.
> The 22hp IS with the downpipe ($299) and external wastegate ($279).  In
>addition, you will need to buy the extention ($79?) to get the downpipe all
>the way back to the cat-back flange.  So if you do the math,  that is over
>$1250 for the 22hp.  But take that lightly, look at what else you get with
>that $1250.  
>I think their downpipe is really cool but @ $585+ and you do not even get
>the cat, maybe we should leave that addition alone until the car is the
>"race car"
>Another disadvantage to the header is that you will FRY your spark plug
>wires unless you wrap the header pipes with insulation.  The insulation
>will help with power, but then you can't see the shinny SS header. 
>Nick claims the ported stock exhaust manifold will give you 7-10hp on a
>stock motor and even more when you start to open things up.  For $220 I
>think that is a horsepower buy.
>>Answer: I would go with the header first. Applied Technologies and
>>Research (ATR, 1-864-972-3800) makes one of the
>>stainless steel headers out there. 
>Better pull out the Gold card for this order. (personal opinion)
>>With the header, you install it and never have to refill it (nor do you
>>incur any future costs). Besides, it gives you additional
>>horsepower with (or without) the nitrous if you should add the nitrous
>>as well as a complete
>>stainless dual 2.5" exhaust system with their own stainless
>I have this system on the 86 SVO and I like it for the most part.  The
>quality is there but I am not sure I  like the routing for the pipes over
>the axle.  I had/have problems with the left (drivers) side pipe rattling
>on the frame rail above the axle and there is no room to rotate it towards
>the center of the car because of the upper control arm.  The rattle is
>seldom bur sometimes annoying.  I am waiting until after this weekend to re
>adjust this.  Another quark is that the mountings for the polished SS
>tailpipes are welded to the top of the pipe so the tail pipes are about
>1.25" closer to the fuel tank.  Yet another is that the mufflers sem to
>hang lower than the stock exhaust, but that is probably more noticelable
>with new SS system.  I have not had any speed bump problems yet so no big
>I do like the sound of the exhaust.  It is slight louder (than stock) at
>idle and seems to be quiet as stock running down the highway.  But I am
>deaf after last weeks 200 mile trip to Bandimere with just the downpipe!
>Wow am I long winded...
>Chris Roth