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RE: upgrades to my car

Ok. But don't you do need some back pressure to help the turbo spool up
faster,  I did mean a 3" high flow catalytic converter that would be
moved up stream to help produce back pressure.
Wasn't there somebody on the list that had to drive home with only a
3"down pipe attached and almost went deaf. How did that perfrom compared
to having the catalytic converter attached, in terms of how fast the
turbo spooled up.
Am I  way out in left field here????

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>Sly, Dennis wrote:
>> Carl,
>> what do you mean bog factor? do you mean the turbo not spooling up quick
>> enough. If so, I was reading the other day a theory about moving the
>> catalitic convert closer on a 21/2" to 3" exhaust to create more back
>> pressure. What do you think?
>> >I know the 5.0 guys can get below 2.0 on street tires, but they're
>> >not dealing with the bog factor like we are...I don't think
>> >Chris ever got below 2.1 on his drag tires last week.
>Maybe it's not a problem for you guys at sea level, but I HAVE to spin
>the tires fairly hard or I'll bog.  I think Chris has to spin them
>some, too, even though he's got the 86 turbo and the stock flywheel.
>The 5.0 guys can get quicker 60' times by not spinning at all, but
>I can't.  That's all I meant by "the bog factor".
>I think that creating more pressure after the turbo will always be a
>bad thing.  We want maximum pressure before the turbo, and minumum
>pressure after to get boost the quickest.  Once we have boost, then
>we want the minumum possible pressure that will still allow us to
>maintain boost before the turbine, too, which brings us back to VATN.
>Without VATN, the 0.48 A/R turbo is probably best all around, with
>a slight advantage going to the 0.63 for modded motors, and top end
>Someday I'll get around to calling Aerodyne and asking them for information
>that would pertain to our cars, but if someone else is motivated enough
>to do it sooner, go for it...