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 Hey Barry,
Just to help you lift the fog "hehehe" I have a 83GT turbo (they really
exist) BTW they don't have intercoolers
from the factory and remembering my plumbing nightmare the turbo wasn't
plumbed either.  Just thought  I'd
mention this cause The first time people see mine they think I "MADE IT"
then next statement is why not a 5.0?
Then I offer them a "ride" <EG>. Anyway I rambled long enough Just wanted
you to know we dont all have SVO's
but  this is the SVO list... I guess the wider the market we cover the
stronger a force we'll be in the aftermarket.
"MY 2 cents"

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From: Barry W. Freese <freese_b_w@juno.com>
To: Mustang SVO Mailing List <SVO@SmartWorx.com>
Date: Saturday, October 04, 1997 8:28 AM

>1)  THE MORE THE MERRIER.  What about including Merkurs too?  Weren't
>      some pre/non-SVO/non-TC applications of the 2.3 turbo?  I thought I
>     seeing some Mustangs and even Fairmonts with hood bulges labeled
>     somewhere in my hazy past.  My general sense of this is the SVO was
>     elevation of the existing 2.3 turbo technology, as was the 190
>hp/240 lbs. torque
>     TC motor, over the mid-80s stock SVO power plant.
>     Anyhow, the point is that the more people which are included the
>more potential
>     (read after-market $$$$ for vendors to snif) we can hope for.
>2)  Paul, thanks for getting the discussion started with NFFFC.
>Continuing the
>     thrust from above, whatever comes of this consider swapping the N
>for an
>     I for International, or for a W for World.  Many other lists have
>owners (or
>     aspiring owners) across this shrinking planet.  One of my favorite
>     moments was a real-time discussion with someone in Australia who
>     owned a '68 big-block GT fastback Mustang with a top-loader.  Major
>     Ford is a global player.  Let's use the whole stage if we're going
>to put on a show!
>'68 Mustang GT 390 Fastback:  Top-loader, 3.73
>'88 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe:  T-5, 3.55
>'95 Windstar LX:  *****safety rating