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RE: upgrades to my car

SO, then it would be best to run with a straight pipe after the turbo,
with no catalytic convert, or mufflers at the track? I saw a non turbo
car once the had a metal filler tube from a gas, complete with cap, tank
welded into the exhaust before the catylitic converter.On race day at
the track the gas cap would be removed and the car would be running
straight headers. Would this be good for our cars then?
Dennis Sly.
84 SVO, Silver
Not much of an "SVO Guru" either (this is for Carl)

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>Sly, Dennis wrote:
>> Ok. But don't you do need some back pressure to help the turbo spool up
>> faster,  I did mean a 3" high flow catalytic converter that would be
>> moved up stream to help produce back pressure.
>No, the turbo will spool up quickest when there is the greatest
>possible pressure differential between the turbine inlet and outlet.
>In simple terms, that means as little back pressure as possible
>after the turbo...
>Now a great idea (I think) would be to put the cat BEFORE the turbo.
>It would improve emissions AND add even more heat to spin the
>turbine with.  That should end the EPA whining about turbos and
>cold-start emissions that are a big reason for the lack of turbo
>cars on the market.
>> Wasn't there somebody on the list that had to drive home with only a
>> 3"down pipe attached and almost went deaf. How did that perfrom compared
>> to having the catalytic converter attached, in terms of how fast the
>> turbo spooled up.
>I think it was a good thing...Chris?