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Re: Upgrades to my car


Well hopefully we can start to see what kind of performance gains can be had
from exhaust mods. I'm going to put a Flowmaster on my car this weekend. Its
a muffler that I had lying around from another project, 2" in and 2" out so
it will fit into my stock system. That should give us a performance gain that
we can compare to other systems and see what unfolds. I believe that that a
3" system will flow better BUT I've been told (good or bad source?) that
bigger is not always better. Example: Boss 351 heads have such a large port
that they aren't affective in lower RPM ranges so its better to use 351 2V
heads on a engine thats doesn't spin over 7000. I'm not that knowledgable
about turbos so this theory may be wrong. But I already have this muffler so
I'll see what happens! One problem I do see is that to bend a 3" pipe up and
around the diff seem like a big restriction, even the 2" looks restricted!
I'll let the list know what happens. Any thoughts?

Good luck Carl and Chris, show those V8s some boost!!!!!!

Rich Stark