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1988 2.3 TurboCoupe Adjustable Timming Sprocket Setting ????

 I have a 1988 Thunderbird Turbocoupe with 100k miles on it that I'll
use for as a  daily commuter. So far I've done the following to it :
K&N filter,turbo wastgate bypass set for 15-15.5 total
boost,Centerforce II clutch. I'm looking at adding a 2 1/2 low
restriction "cat back" type of system and maybe a 3" down pipe.

I just bought an adjustable timming belt sprocket from Ford
Motorsports. My question is how far advance (or should it be retard
for a turbo) should I set the timming belt sprocket? It has provisions
for 2 degree settings I think all the way to 8 or 10 degrees advance
or retard.

I'm looking for more bottom end so I guess around 6 or 8 degrees 
advance is where I should be going. Is that right ? Now if I dial in
all that advance will I be Killing everything the turbo brings in at
the top end ? should I tame my advance timming (engine not spark)
and just go for a compromise or screw the bottom end and help  the
turbo at the top end ?

Thanks in advance (excuse the pun :)

Floyd Holsinger

P.S. Has anyone used 245/50/16 tires all the way around  ???

Floyd Holsinger