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Re: 1988 2.3 TurboCoupe Adjustable Timming Sprocket Setting ????

> I just bought an adjustable timming belt sprocket from Ford
> Motorsports. My question is how far advance (or should it be retard
> for a turbo) should I set the timming belt sprocket? It has provisions
> for 2 degree settings I think all the way to 8 or 10 degrees advance
> or retard.

This is my OPINION based on EXPERIENCE.  
If you advance the cam timing too far, you will get NO boost.
If you retard the cam timing too far, you will be in the boost all the
time, and still be slow.
I believe these things are a waste of time on any stock 2.3 cam, cuz
they're all too small anyway.

But, if I had it, I'd try 4 degrees retarded first, then maybe swing to 4
advanced.  You will need to use a timer and test it, cuz it will feel so
different that you won't be able to tell if it's faster.