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Re: Upgrades to my car


>bigger is not always better. Example: Boss 351 heads have such a large port
>that .........................

True, but remember that V8s that are not supercharged or turbocharged are a
different story.  They need back pressure.  On my 89 5.0 I actually ran
faster with the dual 2.5" Dynomax muffler in place versus just the H-pipe.
Our turbo cars already have the backpressure of the turbo.  Any pressure
after the turbo will steal power away.

>I'll see what happens! One problem I do see is that to bend a 3" pipe up and
>around the diff seem like a big restriction, even the 2" looks restricted!
>I'll let the list know what happens. Any thoughts?

Your biggest problem on your car is the restrictive cat.  After you get the
Flowmaster on the car, I would look into a 3" downpipe with a 3" cat, you
will see (and feel) more power with this modification.

Chris Roth @ work....shhhh don't tell my boss 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)