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Re: Tomorrow

Chris Roth wrote:
> It looks like there will be 8 people in our group tomorrow so if you want
> to still bring the chips, a couple bags should do it.  

I'll plan on it.

> I am hoping that we
> will at least get to run a couple of runs in the cool weather.  New forcast
> is 57 degrees for a high, running down the track with the heater on will be
> a new one! 

Not for me ;-).  I street raced once in a snowstorm (there was none
sticking to the pavement, it was too cold) up in Laramie.

> In case you decide to stay home, give me a buzz at (970)
> 416-6588  We will be leaving about at 8:30 from Ft. Collins.

OK.  I probably won't leave until 10:00 or so.  Do you anticipate
me having any trouble getting my 3 practice runs in, if I can
start them by noon or so?  I don't think racing starts until 2
or 2:30....