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Re: upgrades to my car

Sly, Dennis wrote:
> SO, then it would be best to run with a straight pipe after the turbo,
> with no catalytic convert, or mufflers at the track? 

Yes, as far as I know.  I've never heard of an exception to that yet,
as far as turbo motors go.

> I saw a non turbo
> car once the had a metal filler tube from a gas, complete with cap, tank
> welded into the exhaust before the catylitic converter.On race day at
> the track the gas cap would be removed and the car would be running
> straight headers. Would this be good for our cars then?

We talked about dump tubes at the track last week.  I think they
would be good if you wanted to run a really quiet, restrictive
exhaust all the rest of the time.  If you've already got a good,
high flow exhaust, I doubt it's worth the hassle, or the hearing
damage ;-).  I bet Chris loses very little time with his full
ATR system tomorrow compared to his open pipe last week.  It'll
be apples and oranges, though, because it'll be a lot colder
tomorrow, so I predict he'll go even faster tomorrow with the full