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Re: 1988 2.3 TurboCoupe Adjustable Timming Sprocket Setting ????

Dave Compton wrote:
> Floyd wrote:
> > I just bought an adjustable timming belt sprocket from Ford
> > Motorsports. My question is how far advance (or should it be retard
> > for a turbo) should I set the timming belt sprocket? It has provisions
> > for 2 degree settings I think all the way to 8 or 10 degrees advance
> > or retard.
> This is my OPINION based on EXPERIENCE.
> If you advance the cam timing too far, you will get NO boost.
> If you retard the cam timing too far, you will be in the boost all the
> time, and still be slow.
> I believe these things are a waste of time on any stock 2.3 cam, cuz
> they're all too small anyway.
> But, if I had it, I'd try 4 degrees retarded first, then maybe swing to 4
> advanced.  You will need to use a timer and test it, cuz it will feel so
> different that you won't be able to tell if it's faster.

A book I read said that each degree of cam retard moves the torque curve
up approximately 150 RPM, for a few degrees anyway.  I guess I'm
surprised that Floyd is looking for more bottom end, I thought the
Tbird motors were really good for quick boost.  Like Dave says, I
wouldn't go more than about 4 degrees either direction, and I guess
what Floyd is wanting would be in the advanced direction.

I have my stock 85 cam retarded 4 degrees, because it used to totally
die at 5000 RPM.  At the same time I retarded the cam, I did the K&N
and big exhaust, and now I pull great to redline.  Problem is, I don't
know for sure which mods had exactly which effects due to doing them
all at the same time.  I'm sure my cam timing doesn't help my bogging
problems either...;-)...but I like the top end power too much to give
it up.

Getting the right cam is much more important.  Joe is running the
Engle out to around 7000 RPM with the stock degree pulley, and not
having any power problems.  If I had it to do over, I'd have bought
the Engle a long time ago, and not bothered messing with the timing
on my stock one.