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Re: Upgrades to my car

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997 AKLARION@aol.com wrote:

> Hey!
> Well hopefully we can start to see what kind of performance gains can be had
> from exhaust mods. I'm going to put a Flowmaster on my car this weekend. Its
> a muffler that I had lying around from another project, 2" in and 2" out so
> it will fit into my stock system. That should give us a performance gain that
> we can compare to other systems and see what unfolds. I believe that that a
> 3" system will flow better BUT I've been told (good or bad source?) that
> bigger is not always better. Example: Boss 351 heads have such a large port

For turbo cars and the exhaust pipe bigger is better.
For another comparison, if list memeber Carl Whalin ever gets his damn car
running again(somethign about breaking a section of ring land off his
piston), we are gonna dump his stock Downpipe, and whatever the stock
exhaust pipes are in favor of a full 3".
it should be a fair comparison, as he wont be running a cat(Sorry Neil,
its all about $$$$), and is not running one now.  He has Dynomax turbo
tube mufflers of the stock size.
We will be putting on one of joe Morgans 3" downpipes if he gets some
demand going.  Comon Guys, get in touch with him. You can't beat 100 bux
for a 3" mandrel bent, TIG welded pipe(no cat..3" cat models are like
250-275:/). In comparison, I heard one of the well respected 2.3 parts
suppliers 3" downpipe is not even mandrel bent, and cost more..
if anyone wants joes contact info, let me know.
But anyway, we are goin with a 3" Joe Morgan downpipe, then 3" Scott
Shidel mandrel bent out the back of the car, witha  3" flowmaster.  We
bought the J bends from Summit, anmd I am gonna weld it together witha
Should be interesting.

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
go..sometimes<----turbo soon to come.Stay tuned for details