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Re: upgrades to my car

Scott Shidel... wrote:

> > Wasn't there somebody on the list that had to drive home with only a
> > 3"down pipe attached and almost went deaf.
> I think they are exaggerating.  

Not really...;-)

> my pinto has no down pipe or exhaust at
> the moment.  its not a performance thing, jus a time and money thing why I
> dont have one.  Its a bit loud, but not unbearible..About as loud as the
> average V8 car with 2 chamber flowmasters.

Chris' car was a fair bit louder than that, and it was a really "ugly"
sound (except for the turbo part).  I think maybe it was because of
where it came out of the pipe and reflected off the pavement.  Maybe
your engine compartment actually helps muffle it a little bit on the