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Nitto Drag tires

Well I just could not wait to find out info these drag tires.  My Sportsman
Pros are almost gone, so I called Nitto (1-888-648-8652) and talked to
Gordon to get the scoop.

The Drag tires are Radials and come in three sizes:


They will be available in late November or early December and will retail
for around $140.  

Turbo magazine has a set of the tires and is currently testing the tires.
The information will be in the December issue of Turbo mag.  

Strangely enough we started talking about 2.3L Turbo motors and we both
metioned Joe Morgan about the same time.  He is also impressed about Joes
10second pinto but one question did come up.  How is Joe competing in the
import class?  Does he claim to have a Merkur engine?

Chris Roth 
85 SVO (Bright Red)
86 SVO (Silver Metallic)