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Re: WAS Re: Diff Bearing, NOW Upcoming event

On Sep 19, 17:14, Chris Roth wrote:
> Subject: Re: WAS Re: Diff Bearing, NOW Upcoming event
> Gary,
> I will still be there on Saturday.  I hope you can make it there.

I'm gonna' try, the schedule has gotten rather compressed of late. I'll be at
work some this weekend, trying to catch up on what turned out to be a very
unproductive week, and I need to spend some quality time in the garage with the
SHO to get ready for next weekend at PPIR. A group of us from the SCCA with
"doorslammer" road race cars have been asked to run charity laps with paying
passengers on PPIR's road course during lunch breaks at the Trans Am/PSC/WSC
race that weekend. The benefit is for the Denver Children's Hospital, patrons
pay $20 to ride 2 hot laps in a "real" race car. Besides, I need to get the SHO
running before I can even get the SVO out of the garage.

Now if I could just wrangle a few laps in Tommy Kendall's Trans Am car...

> > That sounds like a plan. I wasn't able to make the Bandimere All Ford Day
> > awhile back, but I don't see any conflicts with Sept 20.
> >
> > Continental Divide region SCCA is trying to organize an Outlaw Solo Trials
> > event at the Pueblo road course in September or October. Anybody want to
> > come turn some corners? I'll keep this group posted if there's interest.
> Let me know on the specific date.  I will be interested in running
> the 86 SVO.

I'll keep you posted, we haven't organized this event yet.

Gary M.