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Re: Downpipes

On Fri, 19 Sep 1997, Chris Roth wrote:

> >for a 3" mandrel bent, TIG welded pipe(no cat..3" cat models are like
> >250-275:/). In comparison, I heard one of the well respected 2.3 parts
> >suppliers 3" downpipe is not even mandrel bent, and cost more..
> >if anyone wants joes contact info, let me know.
> Does Joes come with the flange plates on both ends? NO.  Classic Corral has
> the 3" MANDREL BENT downpipe for $129 with both flanges (86 SVO).  No cat,
> and it will bolt up to the 86 SVO in minutes.  If money is such a concern,
> we should shop around more.   My two wheat backs.

Well, thats a fairish point.  But I personally think anyone that is gonna
take a 3" down pipe and attach it to a  pair of stock  mufflers and
tailpipes is missing the boat.  
Those pipes are intended for people that are going to do a custom exhaust.
the downpipe is the hardest part to get a local shop to do and do rite.
The cat back part is a no brainer.
Anyways, so what.  I wasn't talkin bad of the Classic Corral pipe.  I know
those are mandrel bent.  I was jus brining up another source.

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