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Re: Confused? -- K&N Answers

On Sat, 20 Sep 1997, Jim Dvorak wrote:

> Others use the conical-style filter but that replaces the stock air box and
> it's usually part of a MASS Air conversion -- too involved for me. Some
> think the open-air filters aren't really ideal for a street car, but you go

I agree with everything u said Jim except this.
Whats a cone have to do with a mass air conversion??  if the people that
have SVO's with cones, I would be willing to bet that the amount of people
using a mass air conversion could all fit in my apartment at a party.  
Also,K&N makes a cone that clamps directly to the meter(vane meter that
is).  All you do is shitcan the airbox and stuff, and clamp the filter
right on the inlet of the meter.
I would put on a cone if for no other reason it gets rid of the stock air
box.  That thing looks like a pot off a stove.  Really improves the
underhood looks of the car.

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->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
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