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Re: Dash Lighting

At 08:53 PM 9/18/97 -0500, Michelle Buzek wrote:
>Hey Guys:
>I have an 85 SVO that I've owned for almost 2 years and it's never had dash
>lights...hey, what do you expect?? I bought it at a used car lot for $1700
>(SUCKER)..does anyone know a cure???


Here's another suggestion -- I learned about the "other" obvious. 

A girlfriend from years ago had no tail lights. None. No backups, no
license plates, no turn, no brakes. Nothing. 

It was an older Volvo and was in need of lots of other repairs, so
obviously to me there was a fuse out or a short...because there's no way
that it could be anything else, right? Except that every stinkin bulb was
burned-out. Caput. Blewy.

Check the bulbs.