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What a Day..........

Wow....I have been lookin forward to this day all week.  I have been
bustin my ass for a test at 11am..Gettin only a few hours of sllep and
all...But after my test I was free....Was gonna get to go spend some
quality time at the track...the first time in about 3 months.
Once I got out of my test if things could have been more a pain in the ass
i would be suprised.   AllI was gonna do to the car before I went ot the
track was replace the plastic lines for my gauges with copper, and
relocate the pickup point for my FP gauge.
So I needed some fittings and the tubing...Remember I have had like no
sleep all week so i am beat, but damn I wanna go.  figures that I would
have to go to 2 stores 10 miles apart to get everything, in lovely Tampa
traffic...Get back here at like 1pm, and figure I'll jus whip out my email
real quick...end up doin list mail till almost 4:)
So then I go out to put the lines on. I got the wrong friggin fitting..had
to go all the way back to the parts store and get a new one, and Rush
Hour is jus beginning.
Get back and likean hour later I get the stuff hooked up.  do some other
various things I am too tired to write about and go take it for a test
drive fianally at 6:00.   Pull out of my apartment and get on it and it
took off like a bat outta hell, then popped really bad and fell on its
face.  Also heard soemthing scrubbin under the car...Uh-Oh.
I open the hood and stand there for like 5 minutes lookin for the problem,
only to find "HOLY SHIT! I BLEW MY INTERCOOLER TO PEICES!" I blew the core
rite off the end tanks...never seen that happen.
Luckily I had a sparre, but its on the other side of town.  Go get it, on
the way back, stop to put gas in the Escort.  Figures I would get to be
ther ein a hurry on a day where the whole damn crew is new...took the
idiot 10 minutes to run my credit card for gas.  Drive rite to the bank to
the ATM.  Two old ppl ahead of me and it must have been the first time
they ever used a damn ATM card. Couldn't figure it out, sittin there
yellin at eachother, etc...i felt like kncoken em outta the way and tellin
em to put their debate on hold fora sec, but i was nice:)
Get back get the intercooler on, take it for ride 2 at like 7:15. Boy I
build ALOT of boost FAST.  Found out how the intercooler blew up.
Aparranttly I knocked off the wastegate line from the intake(the line that
tells the wastegate how much boost pressure there is).  oops:)
so anyway, i get to the track and its already damned 9:15...(I left out
alot of stuff:)  make my passes...
well, I ws sponsering an Asbestos Bar B Que on a 8-7/8" plate if u know
what i mean. My clutch is offically goin south.  I had the constant RPM
thing pretty much all the way thru all my gears.
Still managed a 13.8 on the radials.  That was my 3rd run.  Then it went
down hill, cuz I missed 3rd gear EVERY time after that.  
But I got to try out slicks..OOOH. Even with a weak clutch its wild!!!!
effortless 1.9 sec 60's!  But I missed shifts so bad its hqar dto tell
what I would have run. I need to get the bronze clutch in there and go
back on a day where I get there with enuff time to make more than 5

->71 Pinto stonestock 2.3 EFI Turbo T5, 13.67@99 on generic radials
->86 Escort..12.06@57 1/8th mile:) ..but gets me where I gotta
go..sometimes<----turbo soon to come.Stay tuned for details