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Re: Glowing Red Manifold

On Fri, 19 Sep 97 19:19:11 +0000, you wrote:

>My exhaust manifold glows red after long highway drives, especially when I
>travel faster than 110 mph!  I remember a thread on a clogged catalytic
>converter being the culprit for this problem, but, is there anything else I
>should be looking at?
>How dangerous is it to be driving the car under these conditions?  I think
>the ambient heat might be a problem for the turbo, etc.  Also, I think I
>cracked my exhaust manifold, because it seems to leak condensation which
>tastes like water when I sample it from the puddle on the ground.  Any
>ideas or suggestions???
>-Brian in Massachusetts "Brain-dead from licking fluids off of the ground"
>OH yeah, anyone from MA area know an exhaust shop that will either cut out
>my cat, or gut it??

I had a something like that happen to me on a 280 z with weber carbs.
I was re jetting the carbs (basically 1 carb per cylinder) I put the
wrong set of jets in one carb so one cylinder was off. I forget if it
was rich or lean but I remember that the header for that cylinder was
glowing red hot. It freaked me out thinking if my header is red hot
what is my ex. valve looking like so I shut down the engine and
checked the last thing I was doing and found the wrong jet, changed it
and started the engine up again with no problems. I'm shure I could of
bunt a valve if I kept it running for a while.

Is your engine missing ? might have a down cylinder sending unburnt
gas into the exhaust. their are lots of causes for this from ignition
to injectors to a cracked head or head gaskets ("condensation which
tasted like water from exhaust manifold") or even a burnt valve

Floyd Holsinger