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Re: Confused? -- K&N Answers

At 02:12 AM 9/16/97 -0600, you wrote:
> Ok 3rd try here my e-mail program was given me fits...
>Whats up with the strange (K&ohpN) and all the different ones I've seen?
>Am I missing the obvious, or is it a legal thing you cant use just (K&N) ?
>Brad :>)
>P.S. sorry I don't contribute very much, New to the 4 banger thing .... Hell
>new to fuel injection thing while your at it hahahaha . Come Tax time next
>year I'll be asking for help to blow my money on the car tho.... :>)


I've been using the replacement K&N element ... it replaces the standard
paper element.  
K&N Part number E-1931, fits 1983-88 Ford Turbo 2.3 EFI (Motorcraft FA-970
replacement). It's great, I just cleaned mine for the first time since I
got it 5 years ago. You should probably follow the directions and clean it
more often. (Do as I say, not as I do.) I've gotten my $30 or so worth out
of this, and as with all K&N filters I'll never have to buy another one.
Just clean & re-oil with their "Recharger Filter Care Service Kit." 

Others use the conical-style filter but that replaces the stock air box and
it's usually part of a MASS Air conversion -- too involved for me. Some
think the open-air filters aren't really ideal for a street car, but you go
with what you want. K&N makes "Filtercharger Injection Performance" kits
for many cars -- and all are "smog legal" as they still retain all
emissions connections and such, but I don't know if they make one for the
2.3 Turbo.

They also sell oil filters (which I haven't tried) and filters for your
lawnmower or chain saw...or your Apache AH-65 helicopter!

My brochure (as if you thought I took most of this off the top of my head)
says their number is 1-800-700-0256.

Hope this helps!

Jim Dvorak
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