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Capitol raceway results

Well, last night I went to Capitol Raceway in Crofton MD.

Here's directions:
DC Beltway 495 to rt 50 east towards Annapolis, take Rt 3 north to Crofton,
when you see the McDonalds in the median, take the second left, (There is a
Capitol Raceway Rd sign) and turn around going south on Rt 3, then a right
onto Capitol Raceway Rd. $10 to race. No helmet required for 14.xx or
worse. That would be me.... :( 

Borrowed Ken Shultz' Mickey Thompson stickies.  Ran a 14.95 at 91.3.

The tire went flat and I didn't get to back it up.  I left with the car
banging off the rev limiter at the line.  Might have gone faster if I'd
left at like 6000 under full steam.  That's racin....

So, BIG exhaust is for me!

Ken, Lee Clary, Mike Ray, Chris Thomason were all there.  Thanks for comin
Chris' Merkur ran CONSISTENT 13.9s at 101 last night.  How does he do that?
:))))))  I got pictures of his car and the intercooler setup and everything
for puttin' on the web page.  Anybody goin slower in an SVO has no excuses.
 Tune that puppy!

We've got a plan to get Ken online.  If anybody has old computer hardware
to donate lemme know.  Specifically, a 28.8 modem or better. :)  We've got
most of the rest of it.  But lemme know.
BELIEVE ME, we should be PAYING Ken for imparting his knowledge to us.

Man, I love this internet thing!