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Re: upgrades to my car

>Now a great idea (I think) would be to put the cat BEFORE the turbo.
>It would improve emissions AND add even more heat to spin the
>turbine with.  That should end the EPA whining about turbos and
>cold-start emissions that are a big reason for the lack of turbo
>cars on the market.

     Well, this is a BAD idea.  For one, the turbo is attached directly to
the manifold, so where would you put it?  But that's not the problem.
Remember the `79-80 Turbo Stangs and Capris?  They were the carbed turbo
models.  It had a draw through turbo system and mounted the turbo under the
intake.  A pipe ran from the exhaust manifold, under the engine, and up to
the turbo.  In that pipe, they put a converter.  Now, the problem was, too
much heat.  The converter was notorious for burning up an breaking down.
The turbo always got killed when chunks of converter were sucked into the
impeller.  Also, it slowed down the exhaust and caused even more lag.  Point
is, a very high flow converter after the turbo is the only way to get max
power and keeps the sniffer happy.
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