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svo parts 4 sale

Hi All
   Here`s a short list of stuff:
spindals $30 ea.
axels $75 pr.
rear swaybar $30
84 wiring harness (complete) $200
85 wiring harness (complete) $200
Horn pads (perfect) $200 ea.
84 rear spoiler (PERFECT ORIG.)$200
sail panels (perfect) black $75pr.
84-85 exh. manifold $40 ea
Rims (e-mail me for cond. & price)
84 console switchpanel (complete) $40
svooa recovered stering wheel no center $325 
Left Large int. panel (exc cond.) $30
hood>intercooler gasket with bracket $40
Intercooler $75
84-85 turbo (50 k mi.) $100
               buyer pays shipping.
trade,barter,deal,buy/sell,but PLEASE don`t

   Thanks to the 2 dozen (or more) people
who sent supportive  e-mails & MORE
orders for stuff...! God bless America.
         Thanks!!!!    "Philly" Tim