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Koni application

I have a set of New koni rear shocks and front struts. I tried to put the
rear ones on my 88 LX today and found that the end that bolts to the rear end
is too wide for the bracket. These are hydraulic konis not Gas charged and
the number on the rear ones  Is 8OA-2492 Special "D" adjustable and the
fronts are 87V-2096  EX  86V Special "D" with a 503 in the lower corner of
the label. Can anyone out there tell me what these are supposed to be for? I
bought them at Ford Carlisle this past summer and they were supposed to be
for a mustang but the rears although the same dimensionally and in appearance
 will not fit because of the wider lower mounting point. I have not tried the
fronts. I checked the Koni website and found nothing and there is not way to
contact them through email. I will call during the week but since its the
weekend, I figured I would ask you all. Thanks, Paul

Bright red 86 SVO
88 LX Saleen lookalike(vortech)
84 GT conv.
79 Conv. 429/c-4(total custom creation)
65 Fastback
87 Mark VII LSC