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Re: upgrades to my car

Chris Costanzo wrote:
> >Now a great idea (I think) would be to put the cat BEFORE the turbo.
> >It would improve emissions AND add even more heat to spin the
> >turbine with.  That should end the EPA whining about turbos and
> >cold-start emissions that are a big reason for the lack of turbo
> >cars on the market.
> >
>      Well, this is a BAD idea.  For one, the turbo is attached directly to
> the manifold, so where would you put it?  

I was thinking of an OEM kind of thing, where they'd build it into
the manifold.  I've read that some companies are thinking about this
as a possibility...

> But that's not the problem.
> Remember the `79-80 Turbo Stangs and Capris?  They were the carbed turbo
> models.  It had a draw through turbo system and mounted the turbo under the
> intake.  A pipe ran from the exhaust manifold, under the engine, and up to
> the turbo.  In that pipe, they put a converter.  Now, the problem was, too
> much heat.  The converter was notorious for burning up an breaking down.

Interesting.  The cats they were using DID really suck, though.  I wonder
if a good, modern one would have that problem.

> The turbo always got killed when chunks of converter were sucked into the
> impeller.  Also, it slowed down the exhaust and caused even more lag.  

I thought the lag was due to the draw-through design, not the cat.

> Point
> is, a very high flow converter after the turbo is the only way to get max
> power and keeps the sniffer happy.

Maybe.  Problem is, it may not keep the sniffer happy enough in the
future.  That's one of the reasons you see a lot of turbos going away,
or so I've heard...